Dispute Resolution
Our Team
  • Facilitation of round table meetings
  • Formal mediation
  • Negotiations
  • Litigation where required
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John Wayne 2017
Fiona Mackenzie 2017
Clare Murphy 2017

We offer services in the areas of High Court, District Court and Family Court civil and family litigation (including family protection, relationship property and trust matters) and broker specialist barristerial services where these may be required. We also recognize the importance of resolution of employment disputes in a timely and cost effective manner, whether acting for an employer or an employee and whether in the Employment Tribunal or the Employment Court.

Dispute resolution encompasses not just various forms of litigation, but also alternative means of achieving resolution through negotiation or more formal mediation. As a firm, we endorse mediation as an effective alternative dispute resolution model, Fiona Mackenzie being a formally trained mediator and highly sought after for her skills in mediating family and relationship property disputes.